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Department of Community Health

Community health nursing is a field of nursing practice, which blends primary health care and principles of nursing practice with public health nursing. The department of community health nursing is intended to mould fully pledged community health nurses, who are ready to serve the patients at any place and at any time by applying the principles of community health nursing.


The department of Community health nursing is enthusiastic to provide quality education to students in graduation and post graduation level, under the supervision of excellent faculty. Moreover, the department takes great interest in conducting public health research and community welfare programmes. The department has promised to facilitate both professional and personal growth in the students and the faculty by encouraging and supporting their participation in continuing educational activities.

Laboratory facilities:

The department has a fully equipped community health laboratory which accommodates 50 students at a time. This is used for the preparing for the activities during the field visit.

External Posting: Post graduate students are posted at CMC- Vellore and Rural health centre- Gandhi gram. Students are also posted to PHC, CHC, RMCW homes for observation and regular posting.

Community health activities: Regular home visits, Health need assessment, educate and provide care.

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