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Welcome to Himachal Institute of Nursing Poanta Sahib, a centre of excellence where we nurture young talents in the different fields of Dentistry. Our major emphasis of imparting training is to encourage curiosity and innovativeness among our students and lay a foundation from where they can acquire quick learning ability and adaptivity with the fast changing world.

“Let each founder train as many in his /her sprit as he/she can the train pupils will in their turn be founder also” FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE.

Nursing in India and all around the world is facing a major change from its older concept and myth where nurses were being treated as sexual symbols, servants and slaves and where their talents were never recognized.  But now the trend in nursing has been changed, a nurse gets better and acquires higher education and therefore she meets needs and demand of patient care, there by nursing become a highly qualified profession in medical field.

Himachal Institute of Nursing (Paonta Sahib) provide all young talents best facilities to shine in the field of Nursing our emphasis is on student can get maximum exposure in very field of medical department and can gain maximum practical knowledge to serve humanity.

I am sure our Institute will meet long felt of the students and it will make worthy contribution to the development of nursing.


Mrs. Jaspal Kaur
Himachal Institute of Nursing Poanta Sahib, HP, India

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